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Face of lauren ralphlaurentshirts is ralphlaurensaleoutlet also a world The aforementioned model, in addition to serving as the face of ralph lauren's world of polo fragrances, also happens to be a worldclass professional polo champion with a ralph lauren clothing line to boot.The argentineborn ignacio"Nacho"Figueras, 33, started doing ralph lauren ads a decade ago, after he was introduced to the designer by photographer bruce weber(Whom he'd met in the hamptons).By 2005, he had become the face of the ralph lauren black label clothing line and the polo black fragrance line.By 2007, polo ralph lauren was the corporate sponsor of the black watch polo team he captains and coowns with neil hirsch.But figueras' rising profile over the last year has hardly been limited to the printed page.He made his tv acting debut in the season 3 premiere of"Gossip girl"In september.Recently, he turned up on"Entertainment tonight,"Gave polo pointers to hoda and kathie lee on"Today,"Rang the closing bell at the new york stock exchange and played in a charity polo match(Which he helped organize)On new york's governors island.In a june 2009 vanity fair readers' poll he was voted the second most handsome man in the world(Below robert pattinson and just above brad pitt).He actually seems a little embarrassed about the whole vanity fair poll but determined to use it to his advantage. "So someone voted me something or whatever,"He says with a shrug. "I can use that [attention] to continue my mission, to do my thing, you know?I'm married and i have three kids, so i cannot use it for anything else, so i don't care. "Mounted for a missionhe admits that the logistics and equipment ralph lauren outlet york involved in polo make mass participation difficult(Figueras says he rides nine horses per match), but he points to the popularity of golf as a spectator sport. "Espn can make anything look cool,"He says. "We could get one hour of polo on espn if we had the right brands supporting us.If we get the public to show up, then we'll get attention from potential corporate sponsors.It's that easy. "To that end, figueras helped organize a ralph lauren polo sale 2008 charity polo match in new york city.It has returned twice, to an evergrowing crowd of spectators.He hopes to bring charity match to los angeles.